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About us

Model escorts in London

Bella is an elite international, model agency, presenting a very unique and sublime introduction to world's most vibrant and exciting societies. I personally guarantee the companions we commence to you, and our focus is always to ensure absolute maturity and confidentiality.

Only dynamic and ambitious agency can succeed in today’s swift and changeable world. That is why youth is one of our main advantages. We are open to changes in order to comply with the strict demands of our clientele. Bella is the panel of professionals in the industry. Due to our experience we are able to guide our models in the most booming and efficient way. Our models are of the highest rank. Flawless and spectacular hostess, which are more than happy to accommodate their time in engaging meetings, as well as fascinating and endless journeys.

On average we only accept a handful of the ladies who apply as we demand only the very highest standards. They must have stunning natural beauty; a charming, intelligent and sophisticated manner combined with a passionate, warm and engaging compromises!

Our modeling group operates in all sensitive positions and often with high public profiles. We understand the need to maintain total and absolute prudence and discretion in all of our communications. Our strict privacy policy ensures that the identity of is always kept confidential and all personal and financial data is handled with absolute security.

However, if you are interested in a more personal, individual experience, you can try out independent escorts, found throughout London. Those are girls that either started their career on their own, or previously worked with agency and decided to go independent. Just like one of our ex-models Amber. She has blonde hair, brown, calming eyes and slim body. She is currently working in Paddington. To meet her just visit her website and book yourself a sexy Paddington escort:

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday and Sunday 10 AM - 2 AM
Thursday 10 AM - 4 AM
Friday and Saturday 10 AM - 5 AM