Escorts Must

Once a woman who suddenly felt that she is not ideal decided to acquire physical standards required by the present society in addition to that moral and spiritual stuff. So she came to the masters of ideality and they put her on a belt conveyer and retrained her according to the worked-out system: brushed and dyed her hair, applied some make-up, dressed her up and said to wear clothes like these, also motivated and relieved her from inferiority complex. Besides, these Jacks-of-all-hands taught her to make pancakes with shrimps, made her acquainted with the basics of time management, prompt her to be seductive and dose her spirituality. In the result this female fluttered out of the masters' studio feeling so ideal. Everything became pink and glamorous for her with a slight intellectual and spiritual gleam - quite original!

If women do not have enough money for professionals of serial ideality, they should not get in despair. They can use self-study books without any difficulty which guarantee finding this female individuality in the shortest possible time sitting at home. However, you can't do without motivating keywords and phrases.

The first is a real pearl: "An ideal escort must". The second one is not less instructive - "An ideal female must strive". The combination of an abstract duty together with a specific aspiration leads to a cognitive discord but if it is said in the book - must and need then so should it be. Transformation torments start here. And this ideality seems to be waning - it is written that you should weigh 50 kg but you can't get rid of several extra kilograms - such a bad luck!

You read: "A real escort should aim to be a good mother". And suddenly a child appears at the corner and he does not want your pancakes with shrimps - but they are prepared by an ideal woman! Your husband laughs at your new lacy underwear - and you strive and strive, plan and plan, must this and that... It is said in the instruction! Though you try to do everything which is written in the damned self-study book.

And life is always here with its surprises and unexpectedness. Running nose, spring melancholy, difficulties at work, a few wrinkles in eyes' corners - everything is already here like Johnny on the spot. But a man may like those wrinkles and you fight with them - what for? It is an endless process of struggling, hard pressure but not striving!

And a usual ideal escort just lives, takes care of herself without these 'musts' and 'needs to strive' that limit her inner world freedom, without any time management. She determines herself all the aims and desires without the help of outer instructions invented by Mr or Mrs Somebody. An escort does not try to prove anything; she gets sincere joy from the flow of life itself. And neither her relatives nor she doubts her ideality.

And an escort gives her tenderness and love to her partner, parents and children not according to the schedule but as her heart says to her. She can do without false nails and can allow herself a terry robe at breakfast. There is nothing blameworthy.

This escort sees the main thing. And it is to be yourself in any life circumstances - not a hypothetically serial disharmonic ideal woman of glossies. Only the ability to be yourself and establish equal and warm relationships with close people and change according to your own motivation bring spiritual serenity, balance and harmony. Any ideal escort understands it, doesn't it?

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